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Why sell to Community Home Buyers in Plainfield?

Selling your home through a real estate agency can take time due to several reasons. Firstly, the process involves listing the property and waiting for potential buyers to show interest. This may take longer if the property is located in an area with low demand or if the housing market is slow. Secondly, a real estate agent may have several other listings to handle, which can slow down the process. Additionally, there are fees involved in selling through a real estate agency, such as commission fees that can range from 5-6% of the sale amount. Other costs may include advertising and staging fees, legal fees, and closing costs.

Using Community Home Buyers is the way to go as it eliminates the need for a real estate agent and the associated fees. As a real estate investment company, Community Home Buyers buys homes directly from sellers. This simplifies the process and makes it faster, allowing sellers to get cash offers within days. Additionally, there are no commission fees, advertising fees, or closing costs involved, which means sellers get to keep more money from the sale. Furthermore, Community Home Buyers buys homes in any condition, eliminating the need for repairs or renovations before selling. This makes it an ideal option for those who want to sell their homes quickly and without any extra expenses.

We Can Help You Sell Your Home in Plainfield With a Fair Cash Offer

  • As is condition: We buy houses in any condition, so you won’t have to spend time and money on repairs.
  • Fast closing: Our streamlined process allows us to close the sale quickly, so you can move on with your life.
  • No appraisal: We don’t require a formal appraisal, which saves you time and money.
  • No commissions: Since we’re not agents, there are no commissions or fees to pay when selling your home to us.
  • We pay all fees: We’ll cover all closing costs and other fees associated with selling your home, so you won’t have to come out of pocket for anything.

Our Process of Buying Homes in Plainfield

Step Description
Get In Touch Contact us to talk to one of our local experts and schedule a consultation.
Talk to One of Our Local Experts Our experts will assess your property and provide you with a fair cash offer based on its value.
Receive a Fair Cash Offer We will present you with a fair cash offer for your property and answer any questions you may have.
Choose Your Terms You decide whether to accept our offer and choose the closing date that works best for you.

Why People Sell Their Homes in Plainfield

Downsizing and Retirement

People sell their homes to downsize or retire. They may no longer need a large home, want to move to a smaller location, or need to cash out some equity for retirement.


Homeowners may sell their homes to avoid foreclosure. Foreclosure is a legal process where a lender takes possession of a property due to a borrower’s failure to repay the mortgage.

Inherited, Vacant or Damaged Properties

Properties that are inherited, vacant or damaged may be sold by the owner if it is not worth repairing or holding onto. Alternatively, the owner may not have the resources to manage the property and prefer to sell it.

Landlords with problem tenants or evictions

Landlords who have problem tenants or need to evict may choose to sell the property rather than continuing to manage it. This can also provide an opportunity to cash out and pursue other investments.

Outdated homes with expensive repairs

Some homeowners may choose to sell their homes if the house needs extensive repairs or remodeling that they cannot afford or do not want to invest in.

Avoid Selling with a realtor

Selling a home with a realtor can be time-consuming, costly and stressful. Homeowners may choose to sell their homes to real estate companies that offer quick and hassle-free transactions with no commissions or hidden fees.

FAQ When Selling Your Home for Cash in Plainfield

How quickly can I sell my home for cash in Plainfield?

At our real estate company, we offer fast and efficient cash sales. Depending on the situation, we can close the sale within a matter of days.

Will I receive less money if I sell my home for cash?

Selling your home for cash may result in a slightly lower offer than what you would receive on the traditional market. However, there are no realtor fees, closing costs, or appraisals to worry about, which can ultimately lead to a better overall profit.

Who typically buys homes for cash in Plainfield?

There are a variety of real estate investors and companies that specialize in buying homes for cash. These buyers may be individual investors, property management companies, or house-flipping businesses.

Is it safe to sell my home for cash in Plainfield?

Yes, it is safe to sell your home for cash in Plainfield as long as you choose a reputable and experienced real estate company or investor. Always do your research and ask for references before agreeing to any sale.

Plainfield, Indianapolis, IN Real Estate Market

The Plainfield real estate market in Indianapolis, IN is highly desirable for both homeowners and potential investors. With a growing economy and bustling job market, this area has seen a steady increase in property values and demand for housing. In addition to its prime location just outside of Indianapolis, Plainfield also offers a variety of recreational activities, highly rated schools, and a strong sense of community. Whether you’re looking to buy your dream home or invest in a profitable rental property, the Plainfield real estate market is definitely worth considering.

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Sell your home fast today!

We are here to help you find your solution in real estate.

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