About Us

Meet the Owner

Our Philosophy

Taylor is a real estate professional who grew up in Toledo, Ohio. Like most, she was attracted to real estate because it is an attractive investment. However, the more time she spent in the industry, the more she realized how much it is about people and communities. Homes are more than just commodities, and there are too few investors out there who recognize that the end goal is to help homeowners, not take advantage of them. Community Home Buyers was created to be a better option.   

Our company operates on honesty, integrity, passion, partnership and results, all of which were instilled in Taylor from an early age by her midwest upbringing.  In her spare time, Taylor enjoys the outdoors and spending time with her kids.



family packing boxes after selling home in columbus

Community Home Buyers Team

Teamwork makes the dream work

Real Estate is a team effort. We all have 24 hours a day and it’s impossible to do everything ourselves.

Community Home Buyers has been working diligently over the last two years to put together our dream team that helps us every single day.

  • Marketing to sales
  • Title agencies to lawyers
  • Lenders to investors
  • Contractors to realtors

Every one of them is a specialist in their own way in the real estate industry, each serving a very important piece of the puzzle that combined make our company successful. These fine people allow us to deliver the highest level of quality service to homeowners in the communities we serve.

We’re very proud of every single one of them and will continue to grow our operations to help more families every day.