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Most cash buyers are just interested in making a quick buck. As a result, it’s common practice to pressure home owners into selling below a fair market value.

At Community Home Buyers, we take a different approach. We’ll help you consider all possible options for your home and get to know you and your situation. If selling is the right path, we go the extra mile to make things as easy as possible. With us, you can bank on a fast closing with no appraisals, financing contingencies, or commissions. If needed, we’ll even help you plan your move or find temporary accommodation.

We do this because we’re committed not simply to making a profit, but also to having a positive impact in the communities we work in. That means treating our customers with respect and properties not as mere commodities, but as the homes full of character and memory that they are. That’s our promise and your guarantee.

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Common Homeowners We Help Sell Fast

We work with families in these situations regularly:


Home not sell with your last realtor? Have animals that make showings difficult? We can help you sell without a realtor and all the associated fees.

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Retiring and wanting to move to warmer climate? Downsizing and have excess things in your home. We can buy as-is and you can leave anything you want.

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We can help homeowners avoid foreclosure, pay off back taxes, and manage other crippling financial situations.

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If you’ve inherited a home or have a home that’s currently vacant, we will buy it no matter the condition.

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We help landlords when they are ready to sell, even when the property still has tenants.

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If you’re wanting to move but don’t want to spend tens of thousands on expensive repairs, we can buy your house as-is.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many factors that go into what we can pay for your home. Just a few to mention include:

  • location of your home and sale prices of homes near you
  • condition of the property and renovation costs
  • costs associated with liens, back taxes, or other financial complications
  • and more

We will take all of these into account when we give you a competitive market analysis of your property which will determine our final offer.

When we make an offer on your property and you accept, we will put down an earnest money deposit showing we are serious about buying your home. When we officially close and the title is transferred to us, our escrow company will write you a check and you will get paid. This is very similar to a traditional transaction which the escrow company (neutral 3rd-party) ensures both parties are protected.

That’s fine! We close on your timeline. Offers are valid only up to 72 hours. 

Just once! During our visit, we’ll take pictures and evaluate the property conditions, taking into account any repairs we may need to make. If for some reason we do need to come back, we’ll ensure we work with you on a time that is most convenient.

The short answer is it depends. If the location is right, then yes we will buy vacant land.

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